Sunday, May 4, 2008

Santa Cruz Inn

Where do I go to.... stay in Riverside if I want to stay in a hotel?

Why, the Santa Cruz Inn on Market Ave! Thats Where! The Press Enterprise, Riverside's local news paper recently wrote a rather over the top description of the place, which you can read about here.

That article made the place sound way more shady than it really is. I stayed there for several weeks (until I found a place), and during that time, I have never come across any customers roaming around with feces on their clothing, or soiled chonies laying around. The only thing I saw that shocked my sensibilities was one guy who wandered in angerly ranting to the universe where he can "find his bitches". Oh, and the occasional smell of pot. And the occasional yelling outside of my window, but that can generally (but not always) be attributed to crazy Riverside, not crazy Santa Cruzz Inn. Other than that, I had an OK stay at that hotel and the on site managers were really nice and responsible. I even asked the cleaning services people if they have ever seen any ghosts roaming around the old hotel and they said "no" in a way that was dismissive of my alleged pre-modern world view. (But really, I don't believe or disbelieve in ghosts... I just love hearing ghost stories).


Big City Poz said...

What are their rates?

Urban Memo said...

It varies. They have daily rates, weekly rates and monthly rates. It also depends on how nice your room is and the amenities it comes with.

I was on the weekly plan and paid about $310 a week.