Sunday, April 27, 2008

Portishead was in Downtown LA and Nobody Told Me About It

One of my favorite genres of music is 1990's music from Bristol, England. I am talking about Tricky, Massive Attack, and Portishead (often referred to as "trip hop", but some people do not think it should be called that for reasons that are not clear to me.) After not being active for nearly a decade, I have heard that Portishead is making a come back and is working on a new album. I haven't kept tabs on their activity, but I was skeptical yet hopeful... and then I noticed this post on LAist!! Excerpt:

With the Mayan Theater about half-full and slowly being filled with puffs of pot smoke, Portishead took the stage last night for their super-secret-show, and welcomed the crowd by announcing that it was a rehearsal for Coachella, and that this whole event is just so they can test their instruments.

The crowd was immediately awestruck, as the band started off with two new songs from their album Third, even the security guards.

To think..
was only... a more few blocks away from where I live..
putting on a secret show...
that I did not know about...
(but if I did, I would have dropped everything for two hours and have gone!)

!!Oh the mixture of excitement and dissapointment!!

I will end this post with links to Portishead on you tube:

Portishead, performing "Only You"

The video to "All Mine"

(And a live performance of "All Mine", which has been disabled for embedding.)

People who do not recognize Portishead may have heard their song "Sour Times" via cultural osmosis (of various contexts):

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Pearmama said...

Awwwww, that sucks!! That was one of my favorite bands too!!

When have you ever seen a woman smoke on stage like that? LOL