Monday, January 21, 2008

What I've Been Eating Recently XI

I was hanging out on the porch of Banquette with Ed and Pamela the other day (a different day from the day we were talking about where Barack should eat if/when he comes to town), and I noticed the guy next to us was eating something that smelled really good.:

We started chatting about what he was eating and he said that it was amazing and that he was enjoying it very much.

So Ed ordered one and we split it. He photographed it. And I photographed him photographing it.

Those are his cigarettes and camera. Characteristic items of The Old Vato On the Porch on Main St.

It was a mixture of mushrooms and cheese (forgot the kind of cheese) encased in bread. It was extremely good and I haven't seen them carry it ever since! -Monica May if you are reading this..... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase please start carrying them again. They are much loved by your customers!

And here is Diana, the creator of the wonderful thing we just ate, taking a cigarette break:


meekorouse said...

Banquette's yummy mushroom & Gorgonzola cheese puffed pastry. I think it was something she threw together for the day. =)

celia said...

what a great alternate title for a view from a loft - the old vato on the porch on main.