Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clive Barker at Bert Green Fine Art

Did ya get a chance to see Clive Barker's work at Bert Green Fine Art? The exhibition ended a few weeks ago. If you didn't you missed out. But you can still see some of the paintings on Bert's website.

Here are some pictures of the closing reception/exhibition catalog book signing. I numbered each and every 500 of the catalogs by hand, inside the front cover on the bottom left hand corner.

It was a pretty long, slow moving line since Clive was so friendly and conversational to everybody.

Here is a proud new owner of a Clive Barker original. She came from Whittier to pick it up. We were standing next to each other in line and started chatting.

Here is Clive Barker signing my catalog:

And here he is standing next to my favorite painting in the show:

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