Monday, November 26, 2007

What I've Been Eating Recently VII

Cesar Salad at Banquette Cafe.

The Significant Other ate a sandwich of some sort.


Lucky Adrastus said...

The sandwich is a gaping maw of horror of... some sort! Run!!!

On the other hand, it did inspire that Curried Tuna Salad I made over the weekend.

Pearmama said...

Whatever the Significant Other had on the plate, it looked BOMB!

meekorouse said...

Hey there! This is Pamela. It was nice meeting you today at Banquette. That was my first time hanging out there. Just figured I would check out your blog and say hello!

'meeko' Pamela =)

Urban Memo said...

nice to meet you too! :)

hope to see you around more often.