Monday, November 26, 2007

Open Letter II

Dear Asshole Neighbor,

Please do not throw your your cigarette butts out your window. I do not want your trash on my window sill. What if you flicked it out the window and it fell all the way down and landed in some poor shmuck's coffee?

Fuck you,

Your Angry Neighbor


jim said...

i don't remember where it was (but it might have been in the old bank district), but once when we were out walking wonton, we (and he) were almost hit by a cigarette butt that someone had flicked out the window. smokers can be such assholes.

City Center POZ said...

UM, I'm with you. I hate cigarettes, cigarette butts, second-hand smoke and I sometimes even hate cigarette smokers.

It all depends on where I am ramp/cycle-wise.