Thursday, October 18, 2007

How I Roll

I wish I could ride my bike around town and be safe doing so.- Or at least have the illusion that its safe. But the truth is, I just do not want to share the road with cars and people who are driving them.

Instead, I stroll around town in this:

My scooter parked in my office.

When I am rolling around the city, people often ask me "What are you riding?" And then I say "a xootr." And then they say "what?" And then I spell out "x-o-o-t-r".

If I am not in a hurry I will get off and let them try it.

If where I have to go is less than 1.5 miles, I ride the xootr.
If where I have to go will take me a half hour or less via walking and public transport, I do public transport. [This has been my new policy ever since I finally got my own car a few months ago (I'm 26 years old). Before then, I would do foot and public transport because those were my only options.]

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