Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tofu and Pho Vinam

There is this Vietnamese place called Pho Vinam on University Ave (in Riverside) that recently came out with this tofu dish that I have found myself eating about once a week over the past month.

I am a bit picky about how I like my tofu. I often experience tofu dishes to be rather bland in texture (even though it may have absorbed the surrounding flavors). I suppose this might make more sense if I had specific samples to feed you with. Anyway, this tofu dish makes the short list of best tofu dishes I have ever had. It is very flavorful, the vegetables go well with it... and really I have no further analysis other than to quote a friend of mine, "this dish is good enough for meat eaters".

Also, the best tofu I have ever had in my entire life is the tofu in their vegetable pho.

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