Saturday, August 23, 2008

Los Gatos Salamantinos del Rio Tormes

Along the River are a community of cats that live in the abandoned church, the abandoned mill next to the abandoned church, and the abandoned horse stable next to the mill. They are all either black and white, or black. I think they are all related.

Whenever this would would walk away from its spot, it would always come back. It was very territorial about this spot. As if I was going to sit there and never ever move from that spot ever.

Whenever I would try to pet that Territorial Cat, it would walk over to this other spot, where it would hang out there for a while until I got too close and it would go back to its original spot. We played this game of I-want-to-pet-you-no-fuck-off-arrogant-human-and-your-silly-feelings-of-entitlement-to-pet-us for a good 45 minutes.

Here is this solitary siamese cat with intense blue eyes, as if they were lasers, that I saw hanging out by the abandoned mill. The cat was quietly watching the river flow when it heard my foot steps to look at me.

I don't know what relationship it has with the other cats. Two rival gangs sharing the same turf? Estranged relatives? Distant cousins?

These two guys passed by and gave the cat a sandwich. The very relaxed cat became very excited and interested in the food.

The cat was uncomfortable with me watching it trying to eat its food, so I let it be.

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mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

This is beautiful!

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