Friday, June 13, 2008

People and Their Shirts III

Spotted exiting the engineering building.


cindylu said...

Were you at the multicultural center or something?

I've seen this t-shirt at UCLA. We have a lot fewer black students than UCR. :(

Urban Memo said...

UCR is a multicultural center.

I spotted this guy at the engineering building the other day when I had people to see, places to go.

I have noticed that people in Riverside are more expressive with their shirts than they are in Los Angeles.

I decided to just start documenting 'em. I would post a lot more pictures of people if I could ever rack up the nerve to take a photo of 'em with or without their consent. But when they where a shirt that engages their viewers... its much easier to break the ice and say.. "can I take a picture of you and your shirt?"

At most, Mr. Vagina Monolgues of a few posts ago kind of rolled his eyes and reluctantly let me... and said "Is this going to end up on some blog or something?"