Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where do I go to... buy a bike.


A warm thank you to Neighbor Joe for telling me about Chubby's Cruisers. I found a bicycle that was right for me. I got a "hybrid", that is, it is a hybrid between a mountain bike and a cruiser.

The owner, Nicole, on my new bike.

My bike, with a basket.

More bikes. I just bought one though.

I asked the owner how she got into selling bikes. She said that she started off fixing and selling bikes from her backyard and then decided to open up a store.

Nice staff. Nice owner. Good selection of bikes. Any bike that you buy from them they will do check ups and fix anything that needs to be fixed as long as you have the bike. There are certain limitations to that though. They won't fix your bike if you intentionally break it, or something like that. Anyway, its a great place to get a bike. I highly recommend them.

Chubby's Cruisers
2047 La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034


Big City Poz said...

That's one sharp looking new bike you have! I guess you decided to add the tassles later.

I have my eyes on on all-black model with fenders. I think it's called the bruiser. When I finally get it, Urban Memo, you can eat my dust!!

cindylu said...

So jealous. I realized I need to make space for a bike in my apt before I actually go out and buy one.

Pearmama said...

That is pretty sweet. I've been wanting one so I can ride with my kids. I wanted a beach cruiser but they are expensive. I also need a big seat cuz I have a fat ass. Those are my prerequisites: cheap and able to accomodate a fat ass. :)

aj.Daeng said...

That makes me want to go get a better bike! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I replied back:

'You're right about the bike paths in Europe, UM. It was so wonderful to have such extensive, interconnected paths through natural settings. A taste of utopia for sure! I wonder when L.A. will become more rider friendly?'