Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My neighbor Judith has three yorkshire terriers. I have taken care of them every now and then when she is out of town. I usually just keep them at my place because my cats generally get along with them. Well, C-FU will hang out with them. Where as Cassie and Hermes will watch them from a distance and hide until they get used to them. Give them more time and I am almost sure they can be one big cat'n dog happy family.

Recently, the yorkshire terriers had their hair cut, and my cats have been more responsive to them. Particularly Hermes, who has never tried to initiate contact wit them before. Here he is trying to carefully sniff Nicky's butt.


La Chingona said...

And I thought I was the only one with a Riverside/downtown LA connection. Good to find a kindred spirit. But how did you find such an amazing place in downtown LA on a student salary? The kitties have the best view in town!

celia said...

wonton and i used to run into judith and her terriers on our walks! we hadn't seen them in a while, good to know they're still downtown and in good hands.

please tell judith that wonton wants a play date.