Sunday, May 11, 2008

I spy outside my window...Neighbor Joe, sans gym bag and The Rubster. Will I catch him picking is nose? Is he wearing a white tank top underneath?


love and hate los angeles said...

The more important question- Is he wearing clean chones (underwear)? lol

like they say, we are all being watched by "big brother" all the time. Gotta be camera ready :)

Big City Poz said...

I'm supposed to wear chones?

I sure look good from 10 floors down. The distance hides the age lines so well. My x-tra baggy shorts look like a skirt in one of the photos, but that's ok. I've been in a skirt before.

Ron Milam said...

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meekorouse said...

joe: I think "chones" are what you might be wearing under those baggy shorts. ;) (hopefully without those crunch-induced skid marks)

now I know where you got the photo for the 'pooh pickup' post.


Anonymous said...

What a stupid post.