Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things to do

*Today: Worked from home. Hung out at Banquette. Had a lovely conversation with Neighbor Joe.

*Tomorrow: Massive to-do list to get through. Deal with a multitude of disappointed organic chemistry students as I hand them back their final exams. Meetings. Appointments. Writing. Writer's block. Purim shpiel at the Los Angeles Theatre. Eat small pastries the shape of a genocidal antagonist's hat.

*Friday: Work from home. Write write write for that damn-thing-that-is-due-on-Monday.

*Weekend: Family obligations. Writing. Writer's block.

*Monday: Stop writing. Meet 5 pm deadline. Regular blogging resumes. Possibly sooner depending on how strong my desire to procrastinate and how severe my writer's block is. Both are directly proportional.

*Tuesday: What spring break? Get to work, lab monkey!

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