Tuesday, February 26, 2008

STUDENT: Is this what my product is supposed to look like?

ME: *takes a look* No. How much sodium carbonate did you add?

STUDENT: A few dr-

ME: OOOOH! Pretty! I love sparkly nail polish with stars on it.

STUDENT: You are the most random teacher I have ever had.

ME: I get distracted by shiny objects. Add a few more drops.


cindylu said...

Ooooh shiny objects. Are you becoming like your cats now?

Urban Memo said...

I've always been like this. If anything, they are becoming more like me.

meekorouse said...

shiny things are good! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
This is that guy you hung out with all those years ago at defcon in vegas, Used to live in houston. not so anymore. anyway i saw this and it reminded me of you.
See ya around


Urban Memo said...

Hi Otto!

Where are you living these days?

mage2 said...

Drop me a line at the email at da email address I have always had.

Seems you are doing well. Glad to see it.