Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where in LA Should Barack Obama Eat?

Ed, Pamela and I were hanging out at Banquette last night and were talking about Hilary eating Mexican food with Antonio at King Taco the other day.

If Barack comes to town, where would be a good place for Eric Garcetti to take him to eat that will impress Angelenos?

Ed said any old street hot dog vendor in downtown. That might work, but some of his people might advise him to not ea anything phallic with so many cameras around or something that can drip on him and get his cloths dirty.

I am torn between:

a) Tamales Liliana's (My favorite place to eat Mexican food east of the River. They have two locations, one on Cesar Chavez Blvd. -I used to eat regularly at their other location on Cesar Chavez Blvd when I used to work by there. And the other location is on 1st St.),

b) Pink's Hot Dog on Fairfax Ave (I think that place is waaaaaay over rated, but I am curious to see what would happen if he had to stand in that long ass line.)

c) The Sunday farmers' market in Hollywood or some other farmer's market. (Because farmers' markets are just plain fun... and the one in Hollywood is one of my favorites).

d) Something else.

What do think?

[Edited note: Even though he probably shouldn't eat a hot dog, Pinks came to mind because of the extremely long line. That being said, I probably should have mentioned The Pantry instead of Pinks.]


LAstraphanger said...

this one's easy: Clifton's Cafeteria!

cindylu said...

I think Tamales Lilianas would be a good choice (though I've never actually been there myself). It would help bridge some of the lame talk about Obama not being favored by Latinos because of supposed black/brown tensions.

I don't really have any choices for D. I've never eaten at Pink's.

meekorouse said...

I've eaten at Pink's twice and it's freaking messy. Also Pinks is still a hot dog.. what if he gets the Martha Stewart or the Rosie O'Donnell (I forget which one has mayo or sour cream on it..) but yeah, messy & phallic.

I liked the idea of the Tommy burger. Or maybe an In N Out.. omg.. *drool* double double animal style..

City Center POZ said...

Send him to Banquette. That way I could take the elevator down and grill him about his homophobic stance against marriage equality.

Pearmama said...

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles!