Friday, January 25, 2008

What I've Been Eating Recently XII

Bean, rice and cheese burrito with red sauce from La Cascada on University Ave in Riverside. I must say, this is one of the best burritos of this kind I have ever had.


cindylu said...

that looks beautiful. it's been a while since i've had a classic beans, rice and cheese burrito.

meekorouse said...

**drool** you need a car to get there? (such is my life) but omg that looks good..

Urban Memo said...

actually, its a 1.5 hour metrolink train ride from union station + 10-15 min. walk from the downtown Riverside train station to the restaurant.

Lucky Adrastus said...

Yep, it's an unfortunate truth, but the Metrolink from Downtown LA to Riverside is derned slow. Car is much faster, sadly.

Oh, and the bean burrito also tastes excellent heated up the next day as leftovers.

OK... usually heated up later that night as leftovers.