Thursday, January 31, 2008

South Park Flea Market

I forgot to post this last week!

I went to the grand opening of downtown's new weekly flea market. When I found out that it was organized by the same people who organize the one at Fairfax High, I knew it was worth checking out.

I bought a small pouch that I now use as a camera holder. Here is the designer, Miguel Torres, holding his creation:

He also sells very cute and affordable dresses that he and his aunt made in their studio a few blocks away from the flea market:

He even makes a kind of "masculine" bag that I have never seen before:

Nevermind the arbitrary gender double standard, its much easier to carry your wallet, cell phone, keys, note pad, writing utencil, etc. in a purse than it is in your wallet. I have been seeing more and more men carry purses, and I hope to see that trend continue.

It has some venders selling "marketable things" at reasonable prices, but knowing that it has to compete on the same day with the the extremely popular flea market at Fairfax High, I am not sure how successful this flea market will be.

I think if it also included a farmer's market, or at least more vendors (that do not sell designer imitations), it would stand a better chance.


cindylu said...

I've been to Fairfax market once. It was okay, but I feel like I have enough stuff.

I call my guy friend's satchel/purse/bag a manpurse.

xio said...

and thanks!