Monday, October 29, 2007

What I've Been Eating Recently II

I don't bother going west of Fairfax much. But I recently found a damn good reason to.

To go and eat The Best Artichoke human creativity has to offer.

There is this restaurant called "Newsroom" on Robertson Blvd. Its across the street from The Ivy. Nevermind the obnoxious neighborhood, it has the best artichoke I have ever had.

They marinate it in some kind of sauce that has basil and some other stuff I couldn't decipher. Then when somebody orders an artichoke, they cook it on a grill and serve it with a mayonaise and tofu based basil dipping sauce.

Unfortunately, its about $7.00. But I was full after eating it, and thats about the average price for a restaurant meal in Los Angeles.

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