Monday, October 8, 2007

Carne Asada

One of my favorite things to eat is a carne asada taco or burrito.

When I was a mid-teenager, I used to work at my cousin's taco stand in Hermosillo, Mexico. He made the best carne asada anything ever.


No carne asada anything has been able to top it. -However, one carne asada burrito has come close. Several months ago I went to San Francisco for a few days and ate an extremely good carne asada burrito at this one place in the Mission District. I forgot the name of their place, but they have a picture of an attractive brunette with a bandolier across her chest on their menu and on their business cards.

The best carne asada burrito I have had in LA is at Terre's on Melose, close to Vine in Hollywood. Its really good, but I think that there must be some better version out there that I have yet to discover. The best carne asada taco I have ever had in LA is at that one place on the corner of Vermont and Santa Monica Blvd. Why my favorite carne asada burrito and taco are not at the same place, I don't know.

A few weeks ago I ate this one carne asada plate at this one Colombian restaurant close to the corner of Sunset and some other street that is close to Benton Way. I don't know why I can't remember the street name since I used to wait for the bus (when it was the RTD, not MTA) on that corner all the time as a kid on my way to school.

Also, at my cousin's joint, he served onions in a manner I have never seen done in the US. We would chop an onion in half, wrap each halfs in aluminum foil, and roast it on the grill for a while. Then you eat it with some salt and lemon and that is the best way I have ever eaten an onion. Does anybody know of any mexican or non mexican restaurants that serve onions that way?

But my main question is.... where in LA can I find the best carne asada burrito?


cindylu said...

Why no names? I never ask for a carne asada burrito. Most of the time, people don't make it like I like it, so the only time I eat carne asada is at home or family events. I love it when the meat is very tender and chopped into small pieces. Ummm.

mrcairo said...

A trick I learned long ago while camping was to core an onion, and then pack the hole with various interesting cheeses. You then wrap it in tinfoil, and place it somewhat into the campfire. After some amount of time, you end up with a nicely roasted ball of smokey-cheesy-oniony goodness.

Of course, when camping, -everything- tastes good, so it's hard to tell how good it'd be otherwise.

Urban Memo said...

cindylu: its because i don't remember the names.

mr cairo: yay for mr cairo!

celia said...

have you tried ye olde taco house by the grand central market? on the hill street side.

sickflicks said...

I'm not sure about who makes the best burrito or taco as too many names come to mind & is a hard task to pick just one. But I will tell you who makes THEE BEST carne asada ever created by mankind.

I'm not too sure of the name but it's on Rosemead Blvd right off of Washington Blvd in Pico Rivera. It's the only Carniceria in the tiny stripmall located right next to King Taco.

It's about $4.99 a pound and is SO DAMN GOOD. NOTHING in this world compares to their carne asada. When/If you try it, you will fall in love with that spot & be all over it like starch on dickies!