Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Michel Gondry Music Videos

I recently got a hold of a DVD that is a collection of the creative works of Michel Gondry. He is the director of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and several music videos.

I saw two particular music videos that are set in Los Angeles. One is "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers which is about a red head waking up from her bed at The Barclay on 4th and Main and then she dances all over the place and it quickly gets surreal after that. The bearded drummer looks like he is drumming right in front of where Warung is now. Its a gorgeous video. Too bad the low resolution on youtube does not do it any justice.

The other one is "Deadweight" by our local surrealist in Silverlake, Beck. You see him lounging in a beach chair in an office building with downtown LA outside the window, and him at the Nuart by the 405 fwy watching his own video.

"Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers

"Deadweight" by Beck

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Lucky Adrastus said...

These are very sweeet. :)