Monday, August 20, 2007

The People's Gallery

This month I had a showing of my recent stuff at The People's Gallery on University Ave in downtown Riverside. Here are pictures of some of the stuff:

712 S. Santa Fe
Price: SOLD

I used to live in the industrial district of downtown Los Angeles in this building that used to be a Heinz ketchup test kitchen, and Robert Rauschenberg’s studio back in the 1960’s.

Hollywood is over rated, but its still kinda pretty
Price: negotiable

On the rooftop of the Chateau de Fleurs
Price: negotiable

I lived in Hollywood for a few years. This painting depicts the city view from the rooftop where I spent several hours painting, relaxing, and looking into people’s open windows.

Pedestrian Hollywood
Price: negotiable

These are some of the buildings on Vine St, close to Hollywood Blvd. I used to walk down this street regularly on my way to work via the subway station at that intersection. When I think of “Hollywood”, I think of the geography and diverse social demographics, not the entertainment industry or the concept of Hollywood (i.e. its association with wealth and fame). And when I think of the geographical location, I think of its demographically diverse inhabitants, urban decay, historic buildings, teenage runaways and disappointed tourists.

Ms. T’s Ties
Price: negotiable

Not long ago, there were these ties tied to poles all over the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. I found out that they were put up by Tatiana Schulenburg, a local artist protesting yuppie scum* like myself from moving into the neighborhood and raising rents.

Most of my other stuff did not photograph well, so they are not included in this post. You'll just have to see them in person. -But they were mostly paintings depicting the chemistry and pollution that would be found in urban environments.


Anonymous said...

those are gorgeous. i hope you will put some of them in your finders' keepers series.

Anonymous said...

Is the painting 'Pedestrian Hollywood' still available for sale? What size is the piece? I am interested if available for sale not sure how to contact you directly

Urban Memo said...

i came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that i can't part with any of 'em.

but i am open to repainting them and selling the "repaints".

"pedestrian hollywood" is the size of a regular sheet of paper.

Urban Memo said...

oh, and i can be contacted by email:

memopisaellodo at gmail dot com

chimatli said...

Haha, I've met Tatiana, very energetic woman. She's from Brazil, by the way.