Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Outside some window on Spring St

A few weeks ago, I was at this one art gallery (I forgot the name) on the corner of Spring and 5th people watching outside the window. Nothing exciting was going on. I just wanted to watch people who didn't know they were being watched. Also took a few photos.

I almost dropped my camera on their heads. I freaked out, left the place and walked home.

Thats all.


alex schaefer said...

Hey I like your blog! I live in eagle rock but really like downtown. I show at the Hive gallery and was at the best show with Nathan! Tell me how you like my paintings?

Urban Memo said...


i looked through your site and i *love* your paintings of houses. i've been trying to paint houses with oils but i suck.

Pierre Lagarde said...

Nice shots! Your blog is awesome!